Thursday, October 16, 2008

parking annoyances

Everyone that drives eventually experiences extreme irritation at other drivers for various reasons. I find that happens especially when I am running late for something which is usually because I procrastinated. Parking lots are not exempt from anger issues. Today, I stopped at Lowes to pick up some eggs and milk. (they are on special right now! :) ) I pulled into my parking space and shut the car off but I was trying to call Troy to see if there was anything else he needed so I opened the door so I wouldn't over heat (it's unseasonably warm today) and wait to see if he will answer, that is when I notice the lady directly across from me that has just pulled in and has not shut off her car. She is giving me dirty looks and I am thinking to myself what is her problem when I realize..... she thinks that I am getting ready to leave and is annoyed because she wants to pull through and park. And then I think to myself.... surely I am just imagining this but the longer I sit there with my door open the more rude her stares become so I finally close my phone and get out and start heading to the store and I listen and sure enough she finally shuts her car off. I felt like I had been run out of my car and I am a bit irritated with myself for not finishing my conversation. Another occurrence that I hate is when you have finished loading up the groceries and you are getting ready to leave but have to wait until everyone is buckled. It always happens that some one at that exact moment wants your space. Again you get the rude stare or sometimes even a honk. I understand the frustration of wanting to find a good parking spot, and I understand that folks can be in a hurry. I think however that people should quit assuming and show a little courtesy. I don't think that you should be made feel bad because you are in a parking space. Personally I would rather take a phone call parked than driving down the road. Anyway, today's experience has made me think that the next time I am feeling irritated in the car, perhaps I should look in the mirror and remember that kindness begins with me :)

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