Friday, November 14, 2008

Civil Rights

So I have had a lot on my mind recently with what is going on in our nation. This morning I was able to watch the history channel while working out and I was very moved with the documentary they were showing. It was on civil rights and it was interviews and clips of the people both black an white that lived through the very tough time of integration and desegregation. My heart broke and my spirit was saddened to listen to the horror stories of what people did to one another back then. The fight was for the right to be human, it was the fight for the right to be looked at as a member of society, to attend school, to eat where you wanted to eat, to walk down the street. Now jump forward to the news and the clips I am seeing of the protest that are going on, the anger and the violence and the outrage that members of the gay society are directing at anyone who voted for proposition 8 and I am sickened. They claim that they are being persecuted, that their rights are taken away...I don't see dogs attacking them as they try to protest, I don't see crosses being burnt in their yards, I don't see men being lynched or children being killed by bombs or fires. I do see them seeking to take away the rights of others with their agenda, I do see a total disregard for anyone that thinks differently then they do.
Relationships and who we decide to have them with are a choice that we are free to make. It is a decision that we make as individuals. Religion is a right and freedom we are given as well, we are allowed to choose to believe in whatever religion we feel in our hearts is true. Again it is a choice. I don't think because someone chooses to have a same sex relationship that my right to religion should be put in jeopardy. If the gay community wants to be recognized in their relationship that should be done in a matter that fits their situation. If they want their significant other to receive their benefits etc and be have the recognition that they are together than find a term that they can use to define it. If they aspire to be married than they need to rethink their relationship preference. I am a Christian, I am a Mormon, I am an American citizen. My faith and moral values or crucial to who I am. I don't know why Gay people are Gay, I don't understand why my brother has had to suffer almost his entire life with MS, I don't understand why anyone, especially children die from Cancer. I am not saying that Gay people are sick, unfortunately trying to put how I feel in words is hard to do without sounding offensive. I don't judge the gay community for their choices in life, just like I don't judge a person who doesn't believe in God. They are just people using their free agency. This is probably the hardest blog for me to write because I don't want to offend others but at the same time I feel a strong need to speak up for what I believe in especially when I read and see others yelling their thoughts and opinions. I think prop 8 should never be discussed as being on the same level as what the African Americans of our nation suffered and lived through. I think it demeaning. Theirs was a fight to live as Human being, the gay movement is about sexual preference. I am teaching my children to respect others even when their views are different. If I came across a person of any age, color, size, ethnic background or gay being attacked or treated with out disrespect, I would be the first to try and stop it. Hate should not ever be tolerated. It is ok to disagree on a subject it is not ok to terrorize or make another human being feel bad. I believe the Lord loves each and everyone of us, gay, straight, fat, or what ever color they may be. I also believe that marriage is for a man and a woman, and that it should remain that way. I also believe that a gay person has the right to live that life style but should not be allowed to dominate over another person for that choice.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Moving Horrors

My sister called me early this morning all excited because her furniture and stuff had arrived and were being delivered. (She is England with her Air force Husband) I was very excited for her as she is six months pregnant and has been living out of a suitcase for the last month. My mother called a few hours later and said I need to call Erin back because things were not good. I called right away and of course the day had gone south for her after opening the first box. The lovely packing company that had packed her stuff, had just thrown all of her breakables in boxes. The didn't use packing or bubble wrap. She found some of her breakables stuffed in drawers and than some of them put in a box of tools. The more she told me, the more angrier I got, why in the world would some one do this to another person. All her music cd's had been dumped out of there cases and dumped in a box with her weight set. Who does this? She than told me that her bed was covered in mold. They think the furniture must of either sat on the the dock for a while or got dropped in some water. She was very sad. I offered my best advice but really the only thing that will help is time. It is hard to have your whole world turned upside down and move to another country. It is even harder to have the things that brought you comfort and joy destroyed by anthers carelessness and disregard. I am hoping that the packing company will try to make some kind of restitution for this mess but that will remain to be seen. In the mean time my heart goes out to my sister and I will send her thoughts of happiness!

parking annoyances

Everyone that drives eventually experiences extreme irritation at other drivers for various reasons. I find that happens especially when I am running late for something which is usually because I procrastinated. Parking lots are not exempt from anger issues. Today, I stopped at Lowes to pick up some eggs and milk. (they are on special right now! :) ) I pulled into my parking space and shut the car off but I was trying to call Troy to see if there was anything else he needed so I opened the door so I wouldn't over heat (it's unseasonably warm today) and wait to see if he will answer, that is when I notice the lady directly across from me that has just pulled in and has not shut off her car. She is giving me dirty looks and I am thinking to myself what is her problem when I realize..... she thinks that I am getting ready to leave and is annoyed because she wants to pull through and park. And then I think to myself.... surely I am just imagining this but the longer I sit there with my door open the more rude her stares become so I finally close my phone and get out and start heading to the store and I listen and sure enough she finally shuts her car off. I felt like I had been run out of my car and I am a bit irritated with myself for not finishing my conversation. Another occurrence that I hate is when you have finished loading up the groceries and you are getting ready to leave but have to wait until everyone is buckled. It always happens that some one at that exact moment wants your space. Again you get the rude stare or sometimes even a honk. I understand the frustration of wanting to find a good parking spot, and I understand that folks can be in a hurry. I think however that people should quit assuming and show a little courtesy. I don't think that you should be made feel bad because you are in a parking space. Personally I would rather take a phone call parked than driving down the road. Anyway, today's experience has made me think that the next time I am feeling irritated in the car, perhaps I should look in the mirror and remember that kindness begins with me :)

Monday, October 13, 2008


It is a gorgeous day today! I love when the sun is shining and the weather is crispy! I also feel like I might have gotten enough sleep! :) For some reason I find it hard to go to bed at night. So here we are on Monday, the start of another week. The weekends go so fast! Friday night I went to the football game and had a blast! It was a real nail biter! At one point I thought we might lose but we pulled it out and ended with 18 to 16! Now aside from the action on the field, there was other entertainment...... The lady behind us! She did the Zena yell every two minutes, I kid you not... and if you are not familiar with the Zena yell is... it sounds like what the women do over in the middle east. She does it very well but it just about killed me. It took everything I had not to turn around when she was doing it to see who it was. I finally couldn't take it anymore and snuck a peak through my peripherals and low and behold it was a woman I have been acquainted with since my Daughter was in preschool! I was so shocked. She is also dressed very preppy and has this cute perfect hair cut and just has never struck me as the yell at the ball game type, let alone the Zena call! It is always who you least expect!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Ok, I get this email from my brother about prop 8. It is a video of a couple talking about how there child came home from school with a book on homosexuality without their permission. I was dumbfounded. I had just come from working out and hearing a news blip about the school where all those teenage girls got pregnant supposedly because of a pact and now that school is thinking about handing out protection without parental permission!!!!
I can't believe that we have come to this point in life that sex is something that schools are given the right to talk about and discuss without consulting parents! I have always taught my children to respect others. We may not agree with lifestyles but that does not mean that we treat them disrespectfully. The thought that elementary and even middle school age children are being exposed to discussions on homosexuality is very upsetting to me. I don't think any ones sexual preference should be discussed with children. I would be just as offended if they came home with books on heterosexual couples! What should be taught is respect! There is a big problem in our Country with giving respect to one another. Freedom of speech does not mean that we are free to tear each other down, I think opinions can be given in a way that is tactful and respectful. Now lets discuss the birth control issue. First of all, are parents talking to their kids? Are they keeping tabs on where they are on what is going on? And then let's discuss have they taught their kids accountability? Children should not be having sex until they are older and yes I am not naive, I know they do anyway but that is no reason to throw the towel in and give them birth control! That is like giving them a green light! We have become a me society, it's all about how much I can make, what makes me feel good, how do I get more. We need to become a society of families and go back to teaching morals and values. We need to know where are kids are and keep tabs on who they hang out with. We need to be involved with our kids. If it is important enough time can be found in even the busiest schedules to be a part of their lives and that is one of the best forms of birth control. If a child feels happy and secure they aren't going to go looking for validation else where.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's really broken?

Let's talk about that sixth sense that we as women and mother's have and why it is that we sometimes don't listen to it. Last night just before I left for Morgs band jamboree, Jax fell and hurt himself. I was in my room getting ready at the time and I heard him start to cry and I thought to myself that is not how he normally cries..... he came in and said he had fallen and hurt his arm. I looked it over carefully, he could turn it and move his finger, there weren't any bruises or spots of swelling so I kissed him and told him it would feel better soon. In the back of my head I was might be broken.... but I dismissed that because I just couldn't see any reason why I should feel that way. In the mean time, Troy had come in and in an effort to get Jax to stop crying discussed all things that he couldn't do if he had a broken arm.... If this was a movie that little comment would be foreshadowing.....So we went on with the night.
So, this morning, I went in to get Jax up for school and when I touched his arm he screamed ouch! I had barely touched it so I thought to myself it was time to take him in. They had us go to x-ray and boy did he ask every question he could think of. They gave us copies of the x-ray to take with us to the Doctors appointment and I thought to myself, oh dear.....
The Doctor of course came in chuckling because she knows our family so well and she just laughed and said it is always something with you all isn't it? LOL She delivered the news that indeed, Jax had broken his arm, she got out his x-ray and we both looked at it and I really honestly couldn't tell you what I was looking at as far as the break but we were than given an appointment card for the orthopedic specialists and off we went. Jax was a trooper through all of this. The nurse at the ortho spec thought it was funny how calm he was. It turns out his break is in the shape of an L but it is clean and so will heal quickly. He is now the happy owner of a green cast that will remain with him for the next three weeks.
Now going back to the sixth sense feeling..... why do we find it so hard to listen to this little feeling that we are given. I find that in hind sight my life would be so much easier at times if I would just go with my instinct... I do have to admit there are times I know that I talk myself out it because I don't want to have to explain to my husband that we have to do something because I have a feeling about it!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Addicted to the News

I find that as I get older I get more curious with news events and like to be on top of the latest stories and how they might effect my life. Lately I find that I am losing sleep because I can't seem to shut off the news. I travel back and forth between Fox, Cnn, and Headline news ( which is usually showing showbiz tonight or Nancy Grace) The fascination of course started with the political race but then grew stronger with our "economic crisis." I find though as the very real events are starting to hit close to home I am becoming very resentful of these folks that are allowed to decide our futures. I want to know how they think they are truly in touch with the common man? The concerns in my mind of most Americans are how do I take care of their families? I don't see any of the politicians that have been all over the media worrying that the car they are driving needing to be filled up. I seriously doubt health care is an issue for them. I can't see any of them worried about losing a house...don't most of them have more than one? Now I know that I am generalizing and there might actually be a few that have only one house..... but seriously, does it bother anyone else that our country is run by folks that aren't affected by the same things we are? Has either John McCain or Obama really ever had to worry about feeding their family? I sit here today and wonder about the current dynamic playing out on wall street and wonder how this tug of war over wachovia is going to play out and wishing these folks would remember that there are little guys getting stepped on in the process. I think I would sleep better if I thought that the people involved in this battle could see past the dollar signs and talked about what would be most beneficial for the workers. In a Nation where we are trying to stem unemployment, isn't that just as an important a factor in the deciding process of who gets a company? Shouldn't there be some kind of incentive towards keeping as many employees as possible?
Another pet peeve I have right now is the continued jokes that are being made of the candidates. I will admit there was a time when I found this funny but with the problems we are facing right now, I just think it is sad. It also makes me feel like the media and the "Holly wood" set are so out of touch it is sad. Tina Fey is so busy making fun of Sara Palin, does she realize that she is distracting folks from really finding out about the candidates? Maybe I am wrong, maybe everyone can watch her skits and than go and make an informed choice, I just don't think so. I find myself in the position of really not liking either candidate, I don't think either one is going to do much to help our Country get back on it's feet. It's going to come down to a vote for the lesser of the two evils.
I guess I am done rambling on politics for today. I just needed to air out my thoughts.