Thursday, October 16, 2008

Moving Horrors

My sister called me early this morning all excited because her furniture and stuff had arrived and were being delivered. (She is England with her Air force Husband) I was very excited for her as she is six months pregnant and has been living out of a suitcase for the last month. My mother called a few hours later and said I need to call Erin back because things were not good. I called right away and of course the day had gone south for her after opening the first box. The lovely packing company that had packed her stuff, had just thrown all of her breakables in boxes. The didn't use packing or bubble wrap. She found some of her breakables stuffed in drawers and than some of them put in a box of tools. The more she told me, the more angrier I got, why in the world would some one do this to another person. All her music cd's had been dumped out of there cases and dumped in a box with her weight set. Who does this? She than told me that her bed was covered in mold. They think the furniture must of either sat on the the dock for a while or got dropped in some water. She was very sad. I offered my best advice but really the only thing that will help is time. It is hard to have your whole world turned upside down and move to another country. It is even harder to have the things that brought you comfort and joy destroyed by anthers carelessness and disregard. I am hoping that the packing company will try to make some kind of restitution for this mess but that will remain to be seen. In the mean time my heart goes out to my sister and I will send her thoughts of happiness!

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