Friday, November 14, 2008

Civil Rights

So I have had a lot on my mind recently with what is going on in our nation. This morning I was able to watch the history channel while working out and I was very moved with the documentary they were showing. It was on civil rights and it was interviews and clips of the people both black an white that lived through the very tough time of integration and desegregation. My heart broke and my spirit was saddened to listen to the horror stories of what people did to one another back then. The fight was for the right to be human, it was the fight for the right to be looked at as a member of society, to attend school, to eat where you wanted to eat, to walk down the street. Now jump forward to the news and the clips I am seeing of the protest that are going on, the anger and the violence and the outrage that members of the gay society are directing at anyone who voted for proposition 8 and I am sickened. They claim that they are being persecuted, that their rights are taken away...I don't see dogs attacking them as they try to protest, I don't see crosses being burnt in their yards, I don't see men being lynched or children being killed by bombs or fires. I do see them seeking to take away the rights of others with their agenda, I do see a total disregard for anyone that thinks differently then they do.
Relationships and who we decide to have them with are a choice that we are free to make. It is a decision that we make as individuals. Religion is a right and freedom we are given as well, we are allowed to choose to believe in whatever religion we feel in our hearts is true. Again it is a choice. I don't think because someone chooses to have a same sex relationship that my right to religion should be put in jeopardy. If the gay community wants to be recognized in their relationship that should be done in a matter that fits their situation. If they want their significant other to receive their benefits etc and be have the recognition that they are together than find a term that they can use to define it. If they aspire to be married than they need to rethink their relationship preference. I am a Christian, I am a Mormon, I am an American citizen. My faith and moral values or crucial to who I am. I don't know why Gay people are Gay, I don't understand why my brother has had to suffer almost his entire life with MS, I don't understand why anyone, especially children die from Cancer. I am not saying that Gay people are sick, unfortunately trying to put how I feel in words is hard to do without sounding offensive. I don't judge the gay community for their choices in life, just like I don't judge a person who doesn't believe in God. They are just people using their free agency. This is probably the hardest blog for me to write because I don't want to offend others but at the same time I feel a strong need to speak up for what I believe in especially when I read and see others yelling their thoughts and opinions. I think prop 8 should never be discussed as being on the same level as what the African Americans of our nation suffered and lived through. I think it demeaning. Theirs was a fight to live as Human being, the gay movement is about sexual preference. I am teaching my children to respect others even when their views are different. If I came across a person of any age, color, size, ethnic background or gay being attacked or treated with out disrespect, I would be the first to try and stop it. Hate should not ever be tolerated. It is ok to disagree on a subject it is not ok to terrorize or make another human being feel bad. I believe the Lord loves each and everyone of us, gay, straight, fat, or what ever color they may be. I also believe that marriage is for a man and a woman, and that it should remain that way. I also believe that a gay person has the right to live that life style but should not be allowed to dominate over another person for that choice.