Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's really broken?

Let's talk about that sixth sense that we as women and mother's have and why it is that we sometimes don't listen to it. Last night just before I left for Morgs band jamboree, Jax fell and hurt himself. I was in my room getting ready at the time and I heard him start to cry and I thought to myself that is not how he normally cries..... he came in and said he had fallen and hurt his arm. I looked it over carefully, he could turn it and move his finger, there weren't any bruises or spots of swelling so I kissed him and told him it would feel better soon. In the back of my head I was thinking....it might be broken.... but I dismissed that because I just couldn't see any reason why I should feel that way. In the mean time, Troy had come in and in an effort to get Jax to stop crying discussed all things that he couldn't do if he had a broken arm.... If this was a movie that little comment would be foreshadowing.....So we went on with the night.
So, this morning, I went in to get Jax up for school and when I touched his arm he screamed ouch! I had barely touched it so I thought to myself it was time to take him in. They had us go to x-ray and boy did he ask every question he could think of. They gave us copies of the x-ray to take with us to the Doctors appointment and I thought to myself, oh dear.....
The Doctor of course came in chuckling because she knows our family so well and she just laughed and said it is always something with you all isn't it? LOL She delivered the news that indeed, Jax had broken his arm, she got out his x-ray and we both looked at it and I really honestly couldn't tell you what I was looking at as far as the break but we were than given an appointment card for the orthopedic specialists and off we went. Jax was a trooper through all of this. The nurse at the ortho spec thought it was funny how calm he was. It turns out his break is in the shape of an L but it is clean and so will heal quickly. He is now the happy owner of a green cast that will remain with him for the next three weeks.
Now going back to the sixth sense feeling..... why do we find it so hard to listen to this little feeling that we are given. I find that in hind sight my life would be so much easier at times if I would just go with my instinct... I do have to admit there are times I know that I talk myself out it because I don't want to have to explain to my husband that we have to do something because I have a feeling about it!

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Erin said...

Seriously! You are a great mom! I'm so glad you acted on your feeling to take him in! I bet most people would have just assumed nothing major was wrong because he could move it and stuff.. Kudo's to you!! Now tell Jax to be more careful ;) Oh and I want pictures of this green cast!! And just in time for halloween!