Monday, October 6, 2008

Addicted to the News

I find that as I get older I get more curious with news events and like to be on top of the latest stories and how they might effect my life. Lately I find that I am losing sleep because I can't seem to shut off the news. I travel back and forth between Fox, Cnn, and Headline news ( which is usually showing showbiz tonight or Nancy Grace) The fascination of course started with the political race but then grew stronger with our "economic crisis." I find though as the very real events are starting to hit close to home I am becoming very resentful of these folks that are allowed to decide our futures. I want to know how they think they are truly in touch with the common man? The concerns in my mind of most Americans are how do I take care of their families? I don't see any of the politicians that have been all over the media worrying that the car they are driving needing to be filled up. I seriously doubt health care is an issue for them. I can't see any of them worried about losing a house...don't most of them have more than one? Now I know that I am generalizing and there might actually be a few that have only one house..... but seriously, does it bother anyone else that our country is run by folks that aren't affected by the same things we are? Has either John McCain or Obama really ever had to worry about feeding their family? I sit here today and wonder about the current dynamic playing out on wall street and wonder how this tug of war over wachovia is going to play out and wishing these folks would remember that there are little guys getting stepped on in the process. I think I would sleep better if I thought that the people involved in this battle could see past the dollar signs and talked about what would be most beneficial for the workers. In a Nation where we are trying to stem unemployment, isn't that just as an important a factor in the deciding process of who gets a company? Shouldn't there be some kind of incentive towards keeping as many employees as possible?
Another pet peeve I have right now is the continued jokes that are being made of the candidates. I will admit there was a time when I found this funny but with the problems we are facing right now, I just think it is sad. It also makes me feel like the media and the "Holly wood" set are so out of touch it is sad. Tina Fey is so busy making fun of Sara Palin, does she realize that she is distracting folks from really finding out about the candidates? Maybe I am wrong, maybe everyone can watch her skits and than go and make an informed choice, I just don't think so. I find myself in the position of really not liking either candidate, I don't think either one is going to do much to help our Country get back on it's feet. It's going to come down to a vote for the lesser of the two evils.
I guess I am done rambling on politics for today. I just needed to air out my thoughts.


Erin said...

You should try living with Keri, the die hard democrat while all of this is going on!! Let's just say I like to keep it on Fox News. You failed to mention the HIDEOUS Katie Couric. That is one woman I hope is out of a job soon. She is so closed minded and unobjective. But then again most democrats I've encountered are. They can only see their opinion which is ALWAYS right. And believe me they are very vocal in their closed minded belief's. As a republican I am more opened minded. I don't have to harrass people over their political views. I am willing to hear everyone's opinions and then think for myself what would be the best. I for one am glad to not be living in the USA right now as the politics are a complete joke right now. I've never been a McCain fan but just listening to what he has to say over Obama just makes me feel better. As for Sarah I guess its a good thing she just played the flute and not the tuba huh? Can you imagine the video clips of that? I salute her for being a strong enough woman to brave all the critism constantly thrown her way.

Lady T said...

Amen, I totally agree with you! I think the only way to make the right choice is to listen to all the material and than make a decide.